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Assignment_How to...

How to be a Fashion Insider(male only)
1.Who am i? - Fashion designer
2.What is it?- Mix and Match

3.What for?- To keep up with the trend
4.1st task- preparation(clothes)
5.2nd task- process of wearing(with different type of clothes)
6.3rd task- try yourself(with Mix&Match theory)

7.Outcome- u will be a Fashion Insider
8. Showcase- examples

How to make a simple Bracelet
1.Who am i? - D.I.Y designer
2.What is it?- Simple & nice Bracelet
3.What for?- For your love one
4.1st task- preparation(thread)
5.2nd task- process of making of Bracelet(with step by step)

6.3rd task- try yourself
7.Outcome- Simple & nice Bracelet

8. Showcase- gallery

How to reuse tin to be a Displayment
1.Who am i? - Reuser
2.What is it?- Displayment

3.What for?- reuse any"thing" to save our earth
4.1st task- preparation(tin)
5.2nd task- process of making of Displayment(with tin)
6.3rd task- try yourself

7.Outcome- Displayment
8. Showcase- gallery

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

From 2/8/2009...

Start from 2-8-2009...I will not post any personal post and never post any comments on any blog even chatbox also!


From Sunday 17th July 2009以后再也没有log in我的部落格!直到今天才让我发现,原来有那么多的阴险人在我周围。若你要用我的名义来leave comments...下次记得填我的link!我留讯息给人会填的!你/妳妈没教你/妳做阴险的话就要做到底吗?不知你/妳爸妈有没有教你/妳.......你/妳能做出这样的事,我想你/妳爸妈没教吧!还是你/妳没有爸妈?假如你/妳有,真替他们可怜有那么阴险的子女!也要恭喜你/妳你/妳的目标已达成!